Quick Critical +

Quick Critical +
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  • Genetics: Critical x Critical + 2.0 Auto
  • Genotype : 75% indica - 25% sativa
  • Flavour & aroma: Skunk and lemon
  • Effects: Powerful, relaxing, narcotic, dry mouth, hungry
  • Harvest: 42-49 days
  • Outdoor Harvest: Middle of september
  • Indoor Yield: 600 g/m2
  • Outdoor Yield: 1250 g/plant
  • THC: 16-20%
  • Quick Critical + Genetics

    • Great performance in record time
    • Suitable for SCROG and LST
    • Strong and relaxing effect
    • Flowering time 6-7 weeks

    Dinafem surprised us again with this quick or fast version of their acclaimed Critical +, which has become the fastest genetics on their extensive catalog. For this purpose, they took their original Critical + and crossed it with a Critical + 2.0 Auto, reducing the flowering time of the former without passing the autoflowering traits to their offspring. Your everyday Critical +, now with a flowering time of just 7 weeks!

    Quick Critical + Cultivation

    The structure and growth pattern of this strain are those of Critical +; slender plants with plenty of branches, leaves with thin leaflets, and a significant internodal distance. It also preserves the excellent performance and vigorous vegetative growth of the original, as well as its characteristic aroma and powerful and relaxing high. It´s basically the same strain but with one week less of flowering!

    This way, and despite a high that is worthy of the best indicas, the plant retains a mostly sativa structure, which is a great advantage, especially outdoors; plants with an open morphology that allow their buds to breathe, avoiding the dreaded fungi. If in addition you apply cultivation techniques such as SCROG or LST to increase the production in areas which normally develop small flowers, it will be a guaranteed success.

    The fastest Critical

    Very few strains offer a flowering time of less than 50 days, along with yields that come close to gram/wattage.

    The production is somewhat lower than the original’s, although barely by 50g per m2. You can expect approximately 600g/m2 in indoor crops and about 1.25g/plant outdoors, where the plant can reach 2.5 meters. This strain offers a fast flowering time, between 42 and 49 days indoors, while outdoors it’s ready at the beginning of September in Mediterranean areas (and a bit later in northern regions).

    Quick Critical + Taste and Effects

    Just like the original Critical +, this quick version exudes a very intense Skunk aroma with the lemon notes that are so characteristic of this type of genetics. Don´t forget the activated carbon filters or other odour control methods. The effect is powerful and physical, relaxing and even narcotic, more so than the original Critical +.

    Properties of Quick Critical +

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