CBD marijuana strains from Philosopher seeds

Philosopher seeds was established as a collective of marijuana breeders who share their genetic collections and create new hybrids with new features. Among this group of breeders we find the passion and experience of one of the pioneers of cannabis breeding in Catalonia, Jimi from Reggae Seeds, creator of the renowned strain Juanita la Lagrimosa - the first recognized high CBD commercial strain – and other famous hybrids that have entered the cannabis seed market through several seedbanks.

It all started when Jimi bought a batch of New York City Diesel seeds from Soma Seeds in which he found a male capable of transmitting its high CBD content to its offspring.  Jimi pollinated some female plants with this male, creating what would become his first breeding lines, where he found that all resulting hybrids offered CBD levels never seen before (up to 10%) in a variable percentage. This was also the beginning of the relationship between CBD and Philosopher Seeds.

Spicy CBD, a high CBD strain
Spicy CBD, a high CBD strain

Medicinal marijuana strains from Golo Line

For our breeding team, all marijuana strains are medicinal or have therapeutical properties regardless their cannabinoid content, although it is true that some of them have specific therapeutical functions. CBD is a strong analgesic, while THC is capable of stimulating apettite in people suffering from oncological processess.

For this reason, and also for the strong belief that anyone should be able to choose cannabis as first option to treat their diseases, Philosopher Seeds has created a line of medicinal marijuana varieties called Golo Line, where several breeders have joined efforts and genetics creating a collection of hybrids with multiple therapeutical possibilities, very useful in different treatments and pathologies. In further research, we wil test the different medicinal properties of this new genetic line in several medicinal cannabis users.

Interview with Jimi from Reggae Seeds for Golo Line

We offer you here the full interview with our friend and workmate from Reggae Seeds . This passionate breeder tells us his method for creating medicinal cannabis hybrids, as well as a detailed description of the process of creation of the Golo Line marijuana varieties from Philosopher Seeds.

Interview with Jimi from Reggae Seeds
Interview with Jimi from Reggae Seeds

1.- Tell us a little bit about your career as a seed breeder. When did you first started breeding cannabis?

I started growing in the mid 90’s. At that time, many landrace strains brought from travels to Spain were grown here, and I was lucky to enjoy some of them. It was also the time when I started to buy dutch seeds by post and made my first crosses with those genuine genetics. I offered these first hybrids to my closest friends, who achieved spectacular results, so I decided to dedicate a small space of my garden to breed and develop new cannabis strains.

2.- It seems like you found the Holy Grail of marijuana. Can you tell us the amazing story behind your quest for CBD?

I believe it is kind of a reward for all the work, passion and specially respect that I have for this holy plant that we love so much and that has such a medicinal potential inside. It all started with an intuition while searching my desired features regarding taste, smell and effect.

I had always looked for strains with active, creative effects and very special flavours, where tropical fruits subtly blend; but it wasn't until a Spannabis edition that I first tasted something different and absolutely new to me, New York Diesel from Soma Seeds. I quickly obtained a pack of seeds of this strain and immediately started growing them. Once grown, I selected a NYCD male plant and pollinated several females of my gene pool; Reina Madre (Mario Bellandi's cut), Blue Heaven and Morning Glory. The surprise came when one of these seeds, selected by my brother from Mallorca, achieved a 9% CBD content in a cannabinoid test. From then, everybody knows the story.

Jimi explaining the origins of the Golo Line strains
Jimi explaining the origins of the Golo Line strains

3.- Which breeding lines have you used in the Golo Line, and what is the aim of this project?

For this rpoject we have selected a group of plants from my gene pool, taking into account both their therapeutic and organoleptic properties. Three different males were used to create these new hybrids - depending on the desired features for each variety - always trying to transmit their medicinal effect through their CBD content while keeping the taste, smell and yield of the chosen female parents intact. These are the used female parentals: -Respect#13: 2012 Spannabis winner,a Juanita la Lagrimosa x Cannalope Haze cross. -Juanita la Lagrimosa: Renowned strain from Jimi, result of crossing Reina Madre x New York Diesel. -RK#14: A cross between White Russian and my star male, Kalijah. -NaranJ: Strain from Reggae seeds, a hybrid between New York Diesel and Morning Glory. -Respect#15:  A Juanita la Lagrimosa x Cannalope Haze cross , with high CBD content. -Guayaba: Very special Guayaba cut from Reggae Seeds' gene pool. The males used in this line were the following: -Juanita la Lagrimosa: High CBD strain, which transmits this high CBD content to its offspring. -Jack the Ripper#1: Phenotype selected for its short flowering period and high psychoactivity. -Tropimango: A Somango male plant used by Philosopher Seeds in some of their crosses.

Respect#13, elite parental used to create Fruity Jack
Respect#13, elite parental used to create Fruity Jack

4.- Speaking now about Golo Line's strains, which is the best one for medicinal treatments?

It is doubtless the Spicy CBD marijuana . You can find phenotypes with different ratios in this variety; plants with THC/ CBD: 1/1, 2/1 and 0/1 ratios. There will also be a small group of plants where THC will be their main cannabinoid. Thanks to the parentals used in this hybrid - Juanita la Lagrimosa and Respect#13, which both transmit their CBD content to their offspring - we achieved a medicinal strain of great value.

5.- Let's speak now about the parents of Guayita. Which are they? Are we speaking about the mythical american Guayaba cut?

We got the Guayaba cut  (Chemdog x Afghani x Chem 91) from a good american friend, Nico Escondido. This renowned cut has been used as female parental, crossing it with Juanita la Lagrimosa, and thus transmitting the CBD trait to this coveted genetics.  The result is the Guava Berry Kush marijuana strain , a vigorous plant of columnar structure that mantains the organoleptic features of Guayaba.

6.- If we are looking for a high yielder in this line, which one would you recommend?

The best yielder is Sweet Love , a cross between Juanita la Lagrimosa and Tropimango that produces abundant harvests; 500gr in each crop are guaranteed with optimal growing conditions. A very resistant strain, it is also perfect for SOG crops, where we look for high yields. Its effect is very balanced due its CBD content, inherited from our star parental.

Jimi and Philosopher Seeds' team
Jimi and Philosopher Seeds' team

7.- Can you tell us something about the strain of reference of this line, Fruity Jack/Jack el Frutero? Which are its main features?

Fruity Jack is one of my favourite strains, its effect and taste are very special. For this cross I used Respect#13 (2012 Spannabis winner) and Jack the Ripper from TGA Subcool. A very special sativa, where we can find an intense tropical fruit aroma. Its harvests are high, being able to yield 500 gr/m2 easily. Its taste is complex and very particular, with individuals that have a strong Haze taste inherited from the Jack the Ripper male parent. A tropical fruit salad for your palate!

8.- We still have to speak about the Sugar Pop marijuana . Which hybrid is its female parental RK#14?

To create Sugar Pop I've used RK#14, a very special hybrid. It is the result of the cross between my star male parental Kalijah with a very fast White Russian pheno. Then I crossed the offspring with my Jack the Ripper male to give it the fruity taste of this sativa genetics.

9.- Regarding the effect of Golo Line's varieties...which differences do you notice between THC and CBD strains?

High CBD strains use to have a more pleasant and clean effect, stimulating and creative. The stone effect of marijuana comes from its THC content combined with the rest of cannabinoids. For my personal and daily use, I prefer  marijuana with a THC/CBD ratio of 1/1 , very active, allowing me to focus on my work without problems. At night I like to relax using cannabis with more THC than CBD, so I can have a good sleep.

10- Are you planning to develop new medicinal strains for Reggae Seeds or Philosopher Seeds?

Right now, with the help of my team, I'm stabilizing the cannabinoid ratios of my gene pool, trying to offer strains with CBD ratios of 0/2, 1/2 y 1/3. We are also developing the regular version of our flagship variety, Juanita la Lagrimosa. Furthermore, we believe in the evolution of the cannabis seed sector, so will try also to create the autoflowering version of Juanita, so we can offer the automatic version of this spectacular hybrid.

Jimi told us his beginnings as grower and breeder
Jimi told us his beginnings as grower and breeder

11.- To close this interview, we dare you to make a headline for each strain of our Golo Line...

  • Orange Candy: Orange puffs, champion's harvest.
  • Sweet Love: You'll never want to leave this sweet love.
  • Sugar Pop: Once you Sugar Pop, the fun don't stop.
  • Guava Berry Kush: Union means strenght.
  • Fruity Jack: The tamed killer.
  • Spicy CBD: Nothing will be the same.


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