Philospher Seeds at the 2014 Indica/Sativa Trade

Indica/Sativa Trade is the most important fair in Italy

Philosopher seeds has a great number of followers in Italy. For our team, the 2014 Indica/Sativa Trade is a place to meet lots of friends and to know how the italian market is responding to our marijuana strains , besides enjoying a wonderful weekend with nice sun, nice food, and better company. The fair took place in the italian village of Fermo, a calm place near the Adriatic sea that once again has gathered a considerable number of consumers, growers and professionals. It took place during the 20-21-22 of June, and on saturday night the attendants could enjoy a Reggae concert with the popular italian band  Sud Sound Sistem & Bag-A- Riddim Band. WIth the end of the Fini Giovanardi Law - recently declared non-constitutional - italian users may see the light at the end of the tunnel after several years of repression. We hope that soon they will enjoy the legal openess that Spanish users seem to be achieving.

News from the Italian fair 2014 Indica/Sativa Trade

In this fair we could check out how the sector is rising in this country, where several companies and non-profit assotiations grow cannabis in a legal way to process it and produce the different products that can be obtained from it, such as textile fibers, flours for cooking, construction bricks, or even taking advantage of the therapeutical properties of the cannabis plant

Many products can be obtained from the marijuana plant

Our friend Claudio from Canapuglia is an Italian activist that has worked a lot in his region of Puglia to show the possible benefits from growing this plant, and has received funds from the European Union to develop the different projects that he has in mind in this region. He told us about his new breeding project, a new cannabis strain  - Elatta Campana - that can contain up to 4% of CBD with almost no THC content (0,2%); a very interesting issue since narcotic - illegal  - cannabis  should not be necessary in case that we where only looking for CBD.

We could also speak with several activist which told us how the end of the Giovanardi Law represents a possible openess to the appearance of grow shops and seedbanks, as well as a step forward for the rights of users and growers. While it is still too soon to know how this situation will develop, for the moment Italy will have two more cannabis fairs in Napoli and Rome, that will possibly become the starting point of the Italian market. We really hope that our neighbours succeed in their demands and can grow their plants in peace.

Canapuglia performs awareness campaings on cannabis an its derived products

Friends of Philosopher Seeds at 2014 Indica/ Sativa Trade

This year we shared our stand with our friends from Grow Shop Italia and Pure Seeds, as well as  Doctor Mariano García de Palau and his doctor's office THC Terapéutico, caring about every medicinal cannabis user. The result was very positive, creating a space where many attendants could interact with the different options offered in our stand.

The Philosopher Seeds team organizing the stand

We presented our new collection of autoflowering seeds Auto Line at Grow Shop Italia's space,  where we explained their origins, main features and possibilities to a number of growers, Italian shops, companies and members of the Italian cannabis forum Overgrow. We were very happy to see how many growers knew our strains, and the great acceptance that they have in the Italian market.  We will work hard to be present in this beautiful country, that we hope will soon have more realistic laws on the marijuana issue.

In this fair we could also see how things are possible in a different way; the entrance of animals and underage children was permitted. A world with no prejudices on marijuana smokers and growers is possible, where this plant can join our families without any problem. Education is just the first step to perform an intelligent use of any kind of substance, and our team wants to specially thank the organisation for making everybody think about this issue. 

Underage children and animals were permitted in this fair

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