Critical + 2.0 Silent Seeds

Improved version of a benchmark

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  • Genetics: Critical + x Critical +
  • Genotype: 70% indica/ 30% sativa
  • Taste and smell: lemon, pine, spices
  • Effects: physical relaxation, narcotic
  • Flowering indoors: 45/50 days
  • Flowering outdoors: End of September
  • Indoor production: 700 g/m2
  • Outdoor production: 900-1,300 g per plant
  • THC: 17-22%
  • Improved version of an old-school classic
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced
  • Rock-hard buds
  • All-terrain strain


Critical + 2.0 from Silent Seeds offers an improved version of a classic, providing better aromas and higher yields, among other features.

Although this strain was previously sold by Dinafem, Silent Seeds has been working with it since the beginning, as part of the team. This has given them unprecedented access to the original clones, meaning it has exactly the same genetics as the Dinafem version.

Critical + 2.0 is the result of trying to improve the excellent to make it unbeatable, crossing two Critical + from the same bank, resulting in an all-terrain variety, with a great yields of rock-hard, resinous nugs and an almost narcotic relaxing effect.

Critical + 2.0 Cultivation

Critical + 2.0 by Silent Seeds is the ideal strain for any grower. If it is one of your first times growing, this plant is ideal; short flowering time, minimal care and huge production. If, on the other hand, you have spent years cultivating, searching for top varieties to get the best results, this variety is the one for you. Its strong branching and good height, together with the production on the lateral branches, gives this hybrid almost unlimited potential.

In short, Critical + 2.0 is a great all-rounder, it does not care about the substrate or the methods that are used; together with its good resistance to mould and humidity, it means that minimal care is needed for a good result. One of its strongest points is its branching, with vigorous lateral branches separated by a medium internodal distance. These secondary branches are usually entirely filled with flowers.

Indoors, one of the points to focus on is its height, since it can overstretch and turn the grow room into a jungle. The only other possible drawback is that due to its high terpene production, you'll have to use anti-odour filters. The yields are also highly appreciated by growers, up to 700 g per m2 in optimal conditions. The flowering cycle is very short, at just 45/50 days.

Outdoors, Critical + 2.0 will grow to a good size, reaching up to 250 cm in height. Its lateral branches will increase its vigour and therefore its production of buds full of resin and terpenes. If planted in mother soil, we can expect harvests of between 900g and 1300 g per plant, ready to chop at the end of September.

Flavours and effects of Critical + 2.0

This is one of the areas where the improvement of this variety is most noticeable, and thanks to the huge increase in terpene production, Critical + 2.0 has a powerful aroma and flavour. It mixes fresh and sour notes of lemon with nuances of pine and spices. Once it starts to burn it will fill the room like incense in a Yoga class.

The effect of this variety is very indica, giving a very pleasant feeling of relaxation, especially physical. At the cerebral level, a narcotic effect is achieved.

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