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Blue Sherbet x Do-Si-Dos

Exotic purple beauty

Blue Sherbet x Do-si-Dos info:

  • Genetics: Blue Sherbet x Do-Si-Dos
  • Cultivation: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Taste and smell: Exotic, sweet, earthy, grapes, citrics fuel and caramel
  • Flowering indoors: 60 to 65 days
  • Outdoor harvest: October
  • Yield: 500g/m2
  • THC Content: 25%
5 seeds 40.00€

Blue Sherbet x Do-Si-Dos

Now at Philosopher Seeds, feminised cannabis seeds of Blue Sherbet x Do-Si-Dos, created from two top US strains, and coming part of the Limited Edition range of our seed catalogue.

This variety is a well-balanced Sativa/Indica hybrid with an exotic and sweet aroma, developing purple and dark tones in the foliage and flowers, that serve to highlight the enormous amount of glistening resin that covers them, making a real spectacle for the senses during the flowering phase.

If you're looking for a variety that is as beautiful as it is powerful, that stands out both in your garden and when it's time to smoke, look no further, you've just found it.

Genetics of Blue Sherbet x Do-Si-Dos

The female used in this cross comes from a selection of Blue Sherbet, a hybrid between a Blue Cookies (GSC x Blueberry) and the Sunset Sherbet (GSC x Pink Panties) from Jigga, breeder of Cookie Family and creator of the mythical GSC.

This cross has 85% Sativa 15% Indica genetics, and was created to reinforce the best of the Girl Scout Cookies, but at the same time adding a touch of Blueberry, to complement its range of exotic and delicious sweet caramel aromas with hints of blueberries and citrus, and add a more illuminating touch to the effect.

The result is a plant that develops very similarly to the GSC, with a structure reminiscent of OG Kush, producing a high central point surrounded by several satellite branches that grow to half its height, giving it a slender and elegant appearance.

The flexible but resistant branches have a medium internode distance, developing pairs of thick, bulging buds all along their length, and concentrating most of its productivity on the flowers at the branch tips.

It matures in about 60 days, offering a yield of up to 550g per m2 indoors, creating buds so hard and resinous that they look like cannabis diamonds, with green, purple and orange colours, standing out against the intense dark of its leaves.

Its effect is almost intoxicating, hitting hard both physically and cerebrally, inducing intense psychedelic euphoria while causing your body to melt progressively.

The Do-Si-Dos used as pollen donor is the elite clone selected by Norcal Icmag from seeds bred by Archive Seed Bank and is a cross between OGKB (descended from GSC) and the very powerful Face/Off OG, with its marked OG Kush character.

The result is a robust and vigorous Kush-Cookies plant that is easy to cultivate, growing well in all types of substrates and adapting readily to all pruning and training techniques. It is ready to harvest after about 60 days and produces lots of rock-hard buds, loaded with aromatic resin.

When consumed, it gives a potent, devastating effect, very psychedelic at the cerebral level and extremely relaxing at the physical level, filling you with well-being and pleasure while you navigate your thoughts.

Its aroma is sweet, fruity and exotic, on an earthy and citrus base with spicy nuances that give it body. It is a very particular, penetrating and unforgettable aromatic blend, that will have you coming back for more and more.


Opinions and questions (5)

Mr pink


What the outdoor flowering time for the U.K.

04-09-2020 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

Hi Mr Pink, thanks for your comment and question. Yopu can expect to harvest this around mid-October in the UK. Fingers crossed that the good weather holds out until then for you! All the best and good luck!



This is never going to leave my collection, I would gladly get rid of all my other strains and choose this if I really had to. And all the seeds where so stable, all 5 came out absolutely perfect, all I did to select was pick the one that held itself up more, but like I say they all smell, tastes and yield the same, very little between them.



This is an absolute beauty, the smell the flavour and bud structure are to die for. Amazing work. It would play hard with the top players, any connoisseur would love this strain.

25-05-2020 -> Philosopher Seeds says:

Hi Ken, thanks so much for taking the time to leave your feedback, it really does mean a lot to us. We're so happy you had such a positive experience with this hybrid, we knew we were onto something special here. I hope you kept a clone of your best plant! Thanks again. Best wishes and good smoking!

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