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Since the development of modern crosses with cannabis plants, multiple genetic interchanges have taken place between the different continents. European breeders in the 90s have used US strains in the form of cuttings to develop their own crosses and produce new varieties seeds.

These US genetics were difficult to obtain by the domestic cultivator, particularly seeds to be cultivated in private gardens. Nowadays these limitations have changed completely.

The benefits of legalisation in the US

Since cannabis consumption was legalised in some US states, innumerable "new" strains from across the Atlantic have come to us in Europe. Certainly it is a joy for fans of these delicious, sticky and particularly potent genetics.

Within this wide range of varieties we can find hybrids with both Indica and Sativa trends, and with relaxing as well as stimulating effects. The US genetics have in common a very abundant resin production, intense flavours and generally a good cannabinoid concentration.

OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies and Co

Surely it is easy to have heard about or even tasted the famous OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Girl Scout Cookies or Gorilla Glue. We would like to include in this listing new varieties such as Do-si-dos, Wedding Cake, Cherry Pie and many other US cannabis strains.

Every week we receive new genetics and hybrids developed from these varieties currently very popular in Europe. This is certainly a growing trend and no doubt it will continue for many years to come... which certainly it is not a problem considering the overall quality of these genetics.

Latest in US genetics


Minted Shoes - Universally Seeded

Minted Shoes is a strong cannabis strain, with good vigour, great structure and high flower and resin production. It is ideal for making hashish either dryhash or iceolator. [...]

  • 6 seeds (Out of stock)50.00€ 45.00€
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OG Kush - Silent Seeds

OG Kush is very easy to grow, ideal for people looking for their first experience. Nevertheless, an experienced grower can certainly enjoy this strain, as if grown under optimal conditions, it will produce some very high calibre specimens. [...]

  • 3 seeds25.00€ 21.25€
  • 5 seeds40.00€ 34.00€
  • 10 seeds79.00€ 75.05€

Kay - Universally Seeded

Kay is an easy to cultivate cannabis plant that does not require a great deal of experience. It has a good vigour, exuberant flowering, and it is advisable to provide good space for the roots and suitable substrate to obtain optimal development. [...]

  • 6 seeds 50.00€ 45.00€

Italian Shoes - Universally Seeded

Italian Shoes has a powerful effect, inherited from its parentals. It begins with a cheerful and joyful high that is truly relaxing in its last stage. A perfect choice for after-dinner chilling or chatting with friends. [...]

  • 6 seeds (Out of stock)50.00€ 45.00€

London Shoes - Universally Seeded

The cannabis plants contained in London Shoes are ideal for extractions, with a high THC level. Novice users should be careful, and more experienced smokers should certainly not underestimate its effect. [...]

  • 6 seeds (Out of stock)60.00€ 54.00€

Pink Runtz S1 - Universally Seeded

Pink Runtz S1 has a strong sweet and very sugary tropical fruit terpenes with an acid aftertaste, a delight for all the senses. The flowers, once dried and cured, are very attractive thanks to their morphology and colouring, with blue and orange tone [...]

  • 6 seeds (Out of stock)60.00€ 54.00€

Cement Shoes S1 - Universally Seeded

Cement Shoes S1, cannabis with compact and resinous buds with high THC level and Cookies taste. [...]

  • 6 seeds 80.00€ 76.00€
  • 18 seeds 180.00€ 171.00€

Chem Kush (GMO) - Philosopher Seeds

Philosopher Seeds new variety, Chem Kush, is a variety that produces a large amount of cannabinoids and resin, perfect for extractions. [...]

  • 5 seeds43.00€ 40.85€
UP TO 15%

L.A. Vanilla Cake - Silent Seeds

L.A. Vanilla Cake offers a very broad terpenes profile, including several phenotypes. Some tend more towards vanilla sweetness and creaminess, and other phenotypes offer a citric touch with a sweet background reminiscent of meringue. [...]

  • 3 seeds28.00€ 23.80€
  • 5 seeds47.00€ 42.30€
  • 10 seeds94.00€ 89.30€

Cherry Punch Auto - Philosopher Seeds

Cherry Punch Auto, easy-to-grow productive cannabis. [...]

  • 1 seed 9.00€
  • 3 seeds26.00€ 14.30€
  • 5 seeds 42.00€
  • 25 seeds 175.00€ 166.25€
UP TO 15%

Zkittlez 2.0 - Silent Seeds

Zkittlez 2.0's flavour is powerful and complex, as Silent's breeders have focused on this factor in particular. The broad terpenes profile ranges from exotic fruit notes with sweet and creamy undertones, to a bitter edge. A delight to the palate. [...]

  • 3 seeds28.00€ 23.80€
  • 5 seeds45.00€ 40.50€
  • 10 seeds90.00€ 85.50€
UP TO 20%

Mimosa x Orange Punch - Barney's Farm

Mimosa x Orange Punch by Barneys Farm, now available at Philosopher Seeds, a purple flowering plant with high resin and cannabinoid levels. [...]

  • 1 seed14.00€ 11.20€
  • 3 seeds37.99€ 32.25€
  • 5 seeds59.00€ 53.10€
  • 10 seeds113.00€ 107.35€
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Glookies - Barney's Farm

Philosopher Seeds offers for sale Glookies seeds by Barney's Farm, an extra-productive Indica with Diesel flavour. [...]

  • 1 seed12.00€ 9.60€
  • 3 seeds32.00€ 27.20€
  • 5 seeds49.00€ 44.10€
  • 10 seeds119.00€ 113.05€
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Biscotti Mintz - Barney's Farm

Biscotti Mintz is an all-rounder US variety, very productive and with a really powerful effect. [...]

  • 1 seed14.00€ 11.20€
  • 3 seeds37.99€ 32.25€
  • 5 seeds59.00€ 53.10€
  • 10 seeds113.00€ 107.35€

Tropicanna Cookies x Larry Og - Philosopher Seeds

Tropicana Cookies x Larry Og, feminised seeds in limited edition. Dense flowers covered with a thick resin layer, sweet butter biscuit and citric orange flavours with earthy terpenes. [...]

  • 5 seeds43.00€ 36.55€
UP TO 20%

Chocolope Regular - Philosopher Seeds

Very vigorous and large Not recommended for small spaces Buzzing, upbeat and euphoric high Relax, wellness and happiness at your fingertips Chocolope Regular Genetics Philosopher Seeds offers you a new regular cannabis strain, Chocolope, [...]

  • 5 seeds33.00€ 26.40€
  • 10 seeds60.00€ 51.00€

Wedding Cake x Og Kush - Philosopher Seeds

Wedding Cake x Og Kush, limited edition feminised seeds. It produces compact flowers covered by a thick resin layer with creamy and sweet vanilla aromas with an earthy background. [...]

  • 5 seeds43.00€ 36.55€

Zkittlez x Badazz OG - Philosopher Seeds

Zkittlez x Baddaz Og, feminised seeds in limited edition. Zkittlez sweetie flavours with strong citric sweetness and background Og. It produces a huge amount of resin. [...]

  • 5 seeds (Out of stock)43.00€ 36.55€

Mimosa x White Widow - Philosopher Seeds

Limited edition seeds of Mimosa x White Widow by Philosopher Seeds, sweet and citrus terpenes to oranges and tangerines. Generous and easy to grow. [...]

  • 5 seeds43.00€ 36.55€

Gelato 41 x White Widow - Philosopher Seeds

Gelato 41 x White Widow limited edition seeds, easy to grow cannabis with sweet earthy flavours and pine and lavender notes. High yielding strain. [...]

  • 5 seeds43.00€ 36.55€

West Coast Sour Diesel x Girl Scout Cookies - Philosopher Seeds

West Coast Sour Diesel x Girl Scout Cookies “Thin Mint” Now available in the Philosopher Seeds Limited Edition range of genetics, West Coast Sour Diesel x GSC Thin Mint in the form of feminised seeds. This hybrid aims to combine the int [...]

  • 5 seeds (Out of stock)43.00€
UP TO 25%

Purple Punch x Do-Si-Dos - Philosopher Seeds

Purple Punch x Do-Si-Dos Purple Punch x Do-Si-Dos is one of the new and exciting cannabis feminized hybrids to be found in our seed catalogue. These seeds produce plants that offer all the best characteristics of its ancestry, delivering high quality [...]

  • 1 seed9.00€ 6.75€
  • 3 seeds26.00€
  • 5 seeds42.00€
  • 25 seeds175.00€ 166.25€


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