History of the marijuana strain Orange Candy / Naranchup

We think that making a series of posts about the development of our marijuana strains is the best way for you to know everything about them; their development, the selection criteria and their main genetic characteristics. In this first post we will speak about our  aromatic cannabis strain Orange Candy. With these posts we want to deepen the created descriptions to improve and extend the information on these strains.

Detail of Orange Candy during flowering
Detail of Orange Candy during flowering

As mentioned in the catalog's description, our Golo Line breeding team used a plant called Naran J to create Naranchup. We have grown Naran J for over a decade, and many growers from our zone have also grown cuttings of it, a prove that this is a great cannabis strain. It results from crossing New York City Diesel with Morning Glory. Firstly, we wanted to improve its bud density, and secondly we thought that, while being delicious, we could improve the overall taste of this strain, making it more lasting.

Development of the Naranchup strain from Philosopher seeds

On the other hand, we had been working with Tropimango in our Golo Line for several years, a very stable and homogeneous strain that is usually used as male by our team to stabilize different varieties. We decided then to cross our Naran J strain with a Tropimango male.

The resulting growing tests with these new seeds were simply spectacular, both in our crops and in those of our clients and friends, which had the chance to grow these seeds thanks to our Test Line. Actually, this used to be the most outstanding strain - from the samples that we offered - when we meet with other growers. There was no doubt then; Tropimango x Naran J was really a cannabis strain that deserved to be in our seed catalog.

Orange Candy's big central cola
Orange Candy's big central cola

The next step was giving it an appropiate name. It was obvious that the main feature of this hybrid was its flavor, since we mantained the citrus taste from the Naran J parental. After crossing it with Tropimango, the resulting taste was very similar, but more long-lasting and with Diesel and Grapefruit undertones.

We soon realized that Naranchup's organoleptic properties were outstanding, but we also noticed its ease of growing, being a very stable variety, with few differences between phenotypes, less internodal distance and an impoved bud density. This is a very resistant plant to pests and diseases so, as we already mentioned, it is truly an easy to grow strain. We achieved our goal, which was to create an improved version of the original Naran J.

Psychoactivity of Naranchup from Philosopher seeds

At this point, we only had to check its effect to decide if this strain was to be included in our catalog. The effect is similar than Naran J's, uplifting, allowing you to perform your daily activities without problem, although an hour later the effect can become very physical and narcotic, a trait inherited from the Tropimango parental.

Orange Candy bud ready to be smoked
Orange Candy bud ready to be smoked

Eureka!! At last we found a hybrid that mantained the main organoleptic traits of the strain that we wanted to improve, ready to be included in our new line of cannabis seeds called Golo Line. While mantaining these Naran J traits, Tropimango offered a better taste and more compact buds to the offspring, along with a shorter internodal distance, a better physical perception of the effect and more stable phenotypes.

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