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7 essential gadgets for you indoor grow room

There are some essential accessories you should have in your indoor cannabis grow to successfully grow and harvest top quality buds. In this alrticle we’ll list 7 devices that any indoor grower should use in order to avoid problems and provide their plants with the best possible environmental conditions.

Air extractor fans

To provide your indoor growing space with fresh air is crucial for proper development of plants, which need CO2 during the day and O2 during the night. If you don’t have an efficient air extraction system, your plants won’t be able to perform their basic functions properly.

Air circulation also helps to reduce temperature and humidity inside the grow room/tent, which in turn avoids problems with pests and diseases. You can find further information about it in our article about CO2 and cannabis.

Air circulation system

Air circulation system

Carbon filters

They’re used to remove the intense smell of cannabis plants, retaining aromatic particles thanks to active carbon pellets. Any grower who wants his plants to go unnoticed should connect a carbon filter to his extractor fan.

Each model of extractor fan has its corresponding filter capacity, so it’s very important to match these values. Using a smaller filter than necessary will reduce both the effectiveness of the system and the lifespan of your extractor fan. In some cases, with particularly smelly plants like Cheesy Auto or Lemon OG Candy, you can use two carbon filters, one at each end of the air circuit (again, remember to match the capacities of your fan and filters).

Indoor grow tent with carbon filter

Indoor grow tent with carbon filter


Fans prevent air/heat pockets inside the growing space. Pedestal fans are some of the most popular choices, as well as small clip fans that can be easily attached to grow tent frames.

Fans act like the wind in the outside environment, and are important because:

  • Stems and branches grow more robust
  • Gas exhange is highly improved
  • Relative humidity is reduced, thus decreasing the possibility of mould infections like botrytis
Botrytis infection in cannabis bud (Image: Grasscity)

Botrytis infection in cannabis bud (Image: Grasscity)

EC and pH meters

pH indicates the degree of acidity or alkalinity of a solution, while EC – electro-conductivity – is the amount of salts dissolved in it.

Carefully checking and adjusting pH and EC in cannabis plants is essential to get the most out of your crops. A correct pH value ensures that nutrient uptake is performed properly, while checking the electro-conductivity of your nutrient solution avoids problems with nutrient imbalances (deficiencies or excesses).

pH and EC meters

pH and EC meters

The recommended pH level for growing cannabis in soil is between 6 and 6,8, while EC is normally adjusted at 1,4 miliSiemens. If you’re growing hydroponics, pH level is a bit lower (5,5 for growth and 6 for blooming plants), and EC a bit higher (up to 1,8mS).

Thermo hygrometer

These digital devices measure and save the maximum/minimum temperature and relative humidity inside the grow space. With this information, providing your plants with the best environmental conditions is much easier.

While basic models measure and save temperature and humidity, other thermo hygrometers have other characteristics:

  • Indoor/Outdoor probe: You have a wired probe that measures temperature and humidity in a second space, so you can have indoor/outdor values.
  • Alarm: You can activate an alarm if any parameter drops or raises to different values than those set by the user.
  • Communication unit: Allows you to check the values remotely, also receive notifications

Since the difference in price is small, we recommend to use quality devices.

Indoor/Outdoor thermo hygrometer with external probe (Image: Alchimiaweb)

Indoor/Outdoor thermo hygrometer with external probe (Image: Alchimiaweb)


Timers are one of the most useful accessories for any indoor farmer. By using timers connected to different devices, you can automate your irrigation system, air extractor, and, of course, your grow lights. In this way, you have total control on your devices with less effort. They’re cheap and easy to use!

You can find both analog and digital timers, also timer boxes with safety system for bigger setups.

Digital timer

Digital timer

Humidifier / Dehumidifier

By using a thermo hygrometer we’ll know the relative humidity level inside the grow room and thus know whether we need a humidifier/dehumidifier or not. A RH around 70% is recommended during the growth stage, while it should not raise above 50% during bloom (still, these values also depend on temperature). If this values are not met, using humidifiers and dehumidifiers is highly recommended, which can also be timed without a problem.

For those who keep mother plants and root cuttings, a humidifier is usually an essential device since it’ll keep RH at optimal values. On the other hand, dehumidifiers are normally used in drying rooms or for processing certain concentrates.

Philosopher Seeds

Professional dehumidiffier

Of course, you can find many other useful devices for your indoor grow, but these ones will make things easier for you without a doubt. And, as could not be otherwise, we also recommend you to purchase quality cannabis seeds!

Happy harvests!!

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