The history of Cheesy Auto marijuana strain

Philosopher seeds has been created as a group of growers who share cannabis genetics and develop new ones, improving the botanical traits of some of the classic marijuana varieties as well as creating new hybrids of excellent quality.  In this post we will explain the origins of Cheesy Auto marijuana , how it was developed and which are its main features regarding its growing, psychoactivity and organoleptic characteristics.

La marihuana Cheesy Auto en plena floración
Cheesy Auto marijuana during flowering

This strain has been created from the renowned U.K. Cheese elite clone - from the anti-prohibitionist collective "Exodus", from the United Kingdom - and thanks to the efforts of many growers and friends that collaborate with us, and, of course, to the work done by our breeding team. This genetics was selected during the late 80's/early 90's. The members of the collective who selected this internationally known cutting claim that it came from a pack of Skunk#1 seeds from Sensi Seeds, explaining that it was selected because of the unique and strange scent of its flowers, very intense and distinctive. Being surprised by its resemblance with a concentrated food essence which smelled like "blue cheese", this clone was soon named as "Cheese". This term quikly spread to name any cannabis strain with an intense scent, what caused great confussion among the marijuana community, specially for those growers who were looking for the original U.K. Cheese cutting

Development of Cheesy Auto from Philosopher seeds

Our team wanted to develop an automatic version of this legendary marijuana strain, keeping its organoleptic properties and creating a stable, productive and autoflowering hybrid. We took the callenge, so we started working with our stock of extra large autoflowering seeds to develop different breeding lines and start to see the first results.

Cheesy Auto main cola detail
Cheesy Auto main cola detail

To create stable autoflowering hybrids that keep the organoleptic traits of the parental to be replicated, we need a minimum of 6 generations, always trying to keep these traits from the Cheese parental, generation after generation. It is a hard work that requires a minimum of growing space to identify the different interesting individuals that may appear during the selection process.

The botanical traits transmitted to the offspring were clearly noticeable. The branched structure of the original U.K.Cheese was present, as well as the characteristic dark green colour of its leafs. Then, we only had to fix the organoleptic traits that distinguish the U.K.Cheese; after a hard work of selection, we finally succeeded.

Psychoactivity of Cheesy Auto marijuana from Philosopher seeds

The potency of the autoflowering cannabis strains has always been questioned, specially regarding its short and mild effect. While it is true that the first autoflowering seeds - developed years ago from plants from Eastern Europe which had adapted to short days and had lost their capacity to produce THC - were not at the same level of the classic ones, it is also true that with proper breeding  techniques, like creating hybrids from non-autoflowering plants, we can achieve high THC levels, which can even raise up to 20%.

Detailed trichomes of Cheesy Auto
Detailed trichomes of Cheesy Auto

It is important to notice that autoflowering cannabis strains also contain another interesting cannabinoid, CBD, which has a valuable therapeutic potential and can reach up to 3%. Cheesy Auto easily reaches 18% THC levels and may contain up to 2% of CBD, being suitable for several therapeutic treatments. At this moment, Cheesy Auto marijuana strain, an autoflowering hybrid of excellent quality, is ready to enter the market in our new line of autoflowering marijuana seeds, Auto Line .

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