Philosopher Seeds at 2014 Spannabis

Spannabis 2014, the Spanish Cannabis trade fair

Spannabis Fair is the most important event of the European cannabis sector, not to say the most internationally relevant. In this event a large number of people - 30.000 to 50.000 - from around the world congregate in an intense weekend. We can find here all the news for the next season from the leading brands of the sector, new growing techniques, marijuana strains, and many other interesting things which will make us enjoy a wonderful weekend, meeting nice people and sharing our passion for our beloved plant, marijuana.

This has been a good year for Philosopher Seeds' team, in which we have consolidated our presence on the market and on many grower's agenda. Our strains had a great acceptance, like Early Maroc , a strain that is very well adapted to the Spanish climate as many people could check, besides being a fast flowering variety which is harvested between 15-30 of August. Perfect for the northern Spanish area, where the rainy season comes soon making difficult to grow many strains. 

Furthermore, the introduction of the new cannabis autoflowering seed line from Philosopher Seeds , that took place during this Fair, will draw the attention of the public with high producing and potent hybrids, as we saw at the Alpha-Cat Cup held during the 2014 Spannabis.

Philosopher Seeds' strains at 2014 Spannabis Alpha- Cat Cup

Philosopher seeds, 1st classified in highest THC level at Alpha-Cat Cup

The SSSDH strain, used to create our Regular and Test Lines, won the first prize in the Highest THC Level category: 25,5%.

Our autoflowering strain White Yoda from Philosopher Seeds also reached a stunning 21% THC.

The Spicy CBD strain from Philosopher Seeds - from our new Golo Line - took the second prize in the category of Highest CBD Level: 8,5%.

Philosopher seeds' team at 2014 Spannabis cups and events

Milla from Pollinator Company organized Dabadoo at Resin Club

Dab-a-doo, which took place at Resin Club and was organized by Milla from the Pollinator Company, consisted of a championship in wich growers from around the world competed with their samples of cannabinoid concentrates, extracted with or without solvents (chemically or naturally).

The folks from Ripper Seeds organized a party at a cannabis club in Barcelona, with a very nice atmosphere and where one could smoke and enjoy the music all night long with the presence of many people related to the cannabis world.

The Social Clubs Cannabis Cup also took place during these days, where the 20 most important Barcelona clubs competed in several categories: Best Sativa, Indica, Hashish and Extractions. The members of the participating clubs could enjoy the work of each club, being part of the popular jury and evaluating all the submitted samples as well as the club with better facilities.

Like every year, the Cannabis Champions Cup was held (Spannabis 2014), where the most important grow-shops and seedbanks worldwide participated.

Philosopher Seeds' friends at 2014 Spannabis

Lots of friends came to visit the stand of our seedbank.

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The Philosopher Seeds team awarded with the 1st Prize for the %THC category at Alpha-Cat Cup.

We really appreciate your trust and frienship in this project that we are enjoying so much with you. We had a very nice time with many of you and we hope that everyone who came at our stand was properly attended. To all of you...thank you very much...

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