Growing autoflowering plants outdoors

Philosopher Seeds cares about all growers who want to use new strategies and techniques to improve their season crops. This is why autoflowering cannabis strains are becoming the first choice for many users to the detriment of regular and feminized seeds. These small plants end their full life cycle in just 70-80 days from seed germination, what makes that lots of growers prefer this type of seeds to be able to perform several crops per year: spring, summer and even autumm if temperatures are mild enough. They allow us to get excellent and abundant harvests at a very affordable price. Its feeding is easy, and they don't grow more than 1 meter tall, being discreet and perfect for guerrilla crops. The more hours of daylight, the better, so choosing the right spot to plant them is very important. If they receive a minimum of 10 hours of light per day, they develop compact and dense flowers with a thick layer of resin glands. Philosopher Seeds offers three autoflowering strains:  Cheesy Auto , White Yoda Auto and Fraggle Skunk Auto . Three stable and autoflowering varieties that can yield more than 100gr per plant.

Autoflowering plants from Philosopher Seeds
Autoflowering plants from Philosopher Seeds

Growing autoflowering strains from Philosopher Seeds depending on hemispheres

In the northern hemisphere we can start our first autoflowering crop from April/May (spring). The days are longer and warmer during this season, so plants have a nice growth and development. As we mentioned, these plants need at least 10 daylight hours per day to grow and flower abundantly. They start showing flowering signs from the 25th day after seed germination, and their full life cycle takes approximately 75 days, from seedling to harvest. In this way, a second crop can be started on July/August and be harvested in late September or early October. In this second crop , achieving high yields is relatively easy, so using 12-15L pots is recommended. If the climate conditions are favorable, we can even perform a third crop during Autumm. This third crop is only possible in places with mild climate. All this can be easily adapted to the suothern hemisphere, starting the first crop at the beginning of Spring. October and November are perfect months to start the first crop of the season. We can perform then a second one during summer, harvesting the plants at the beginning of Autumm. As happens in the northern hemisphere, a third crop during Autumm is possible in temperate climates. This type of cultivation highly optimizes the expenses, allowing us to harvest ripe flowers every 75-90 days during the whole growing season, even throughout the entire year.  As we already mentioned, their small and compact size makes them perfect for discreet crops.

Autoflowering plants growing outdoors
Autoflowering plants growing outdoors

 Which substrate should I use to grow autoflowering plants?

Autoflowering plants come from Cannabis Sativa Ruderalis, originary from mid-eastern Europe, in areas with poor soils and few daylight hours. For this reason, autoflowering plants don't need the same amount of nutrients than non-autoflowering seeds. Philosopher's team always grows its plants biologically and organically, using a slightly fertilized substrate (light mix) that enhances the development of the plant during the first weeks of growth. A well oxygenated substrate is necessary for a good root development, as well as using a single pot during the whole cycle of the plant. A 15-20L container ensures a good yield in each plant. As we said, all nutrients should be organic to improve the organoleptic properties of the cannabis buds; bat guano, either in liquid or powdery form, works great.

A good substrate is important when growing autoflowering cannabis plants
A good substrate is important when growing autoflowering cannabis plants

Autoflowering plants growing in 15L pots
Autoflowering plants growing in 15L pots

White Yoda autoflowering marijuana outdoors

White Yoda Auto is a cannabis hybrid of White Russian, a renowned strain for its strong and medicinal effect which has finally been developed as automatic variety through a hard process of selection and breeding. Its robust and compact structure, Indica-type, allows it to support the weight of its buds, which are ready to be harvested after 70 days from seed germination. The effect is relaxing, medicinal and long lasting, what makes White Yoda a perfect strain for medicinal treatments. Some phenotypes reached 21% THC and 3% CBD levels. Enjoy this small jewel in your cannabis garden and you will fall in love with it forever.

  • Name: White Yoda Auto
  • Genetics: White Russian x Lowryder (Ruderalis hybrid)
  • Indoor Flowering: 75-90 days from seed gremination
  • Outdoor Harvest: 75-90 days from seed gremination
  • Indoor Yield: 400-500 gr/m²
  • Outdoor Yield: 100-125 gr/plant

Cheesy autoflowering marijuana outdoors

Exodus Cheese, renowned among all cannabis lovers, is an Old School genetics with strong cheese smell and taste that comes from a Skunk selection. Its flavour is very special, a subtle blend of cheese with the sweetness of wild fruits. Its production of buds is excellent, developing an incredible layer of bright resin. Thanks to the breeding work performed, we have improved both the yields and the structure of the original Cheese strain (UK Exodus Cheese cut). Doubtless, a perfect strain for your most creative moments.

  • Name: Cheesy Auto
  • Genetics: U.K. Exodus Cheese x Lowryder (Ruderalis hybrid)
  • Indoor Flowering: 65-85 days from seed germination
  • Outdoor Harvest: 65-85 days from seed germination
  • Indoor Yield:  400-450 gr/m²
  • Outdoor Yield: 100-125 gr/plant

Cheesy Auto from Philosopher Seeds
Cheesy Auto from Philosopher Seeds

Fraggle Skunk autoflowering marijuana outdoors

We want to especially thank Sensi Seeds team for offering us the chance to grow this masterpiece of cannabis breeding. Very fast, productive, perfect for colder and humid climates and winner of several awards in multiple cannabis events worldwide. With this hybrid, we have tried to mantain the organoleptic features of the original Super Skunk variety. Our autoflowering version of this classic strain is even more resistant to pests and perfectly suited for cold areas. Its flavour is very special, sweet and fruity, and very long lasting. Its effect perfectly combines a relaxing feeling with an improvement of mood.

  • Name: Fraggle Skunk Auto
  • Genetics: Super Skunk x Lowryder (Ruderalis hybrid)
  • Indoor Flowering: 70-90 days from seeds germination
  • Outdoor Harvest: 70-90 days from seeds germination
  • Indoor Yield: 400-500 gr/m²
  • Outdoor Yield: 120-140 gr/plant

Fraggle Skunk Auto develops very resinous buds
Fraggle Skunk Auto develops very resinous buds

Philosopher Seeds provides information on all its strains so every grower can find the variety that best suits his/her needs. In our Grower's Handbook you'll find growing tips and advices so you can get the best from your seeds. More information soon!

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Jimmy Childs 2019-05-03
Recommend planting sprouts in cowpots made of cow manure. It allows you to grow the plants under lights until they are a few inches tall and safe from bugs that like sprouts. Don't over water the cowpots or they fall apart. Plant them into larger pots and they won't even know they were transplanted. The larger pots can be moved out of bad weather if needed. Autos outdoors are the BEST.

Philosopher seeds Staff

Dani 2019-05-06
Hi Jimmy, Thanks a lot for your tips, didn't know about cowpots! I'm going to investigate a bit about them, we have something similar here but they're not made of cow manure. Best!

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