How to hide marijuana plants

In spring, the good weather arrives and we start to grow marijuana plants outdoors, where unwanted eyes could ruin the work of several months.

In this post we will tell you a few techniques to have your plants under control regarding shape and size so they can go unnoticed besides increasing your marijuana plants yield .

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Shaped marijuana plants

Choose easy-to-conceal marijuana strains

The pots that you are using, the amount of available soil for the plant and the time from growth to flowering will determine the final size of your plants.

In order to train a plant properly, you should start when it’s small and do it as it grows, so that you obtain the most natural form while avoiding any unnecessary stress.

K13 Haze is a well-suited plant for this training techniques, although if you choose plants like Black Bomb or Naranchup  controlling their height will be easier.

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Starting to bend a cannabis plant

Techniques to bend marijuana plants

You should always use thick rope to train plants. Using wire is specifically unadvisable, as it is too aggressive and will end up harming the stems of your plants; it could even cut them.

A technique that is also used for all branches to be equal in height is twisting the main stem, thus slowing down the growth of the twisted area while giving the smallest branches time to reach the same height as the others. You should also prune the entire lower area in order to enable proper air circulation, thus avoiding mould infections.

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Twisted and bent stalk

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A closer view

When growing outdoors, cleaning and pruning the lower parts of the plants is very important, since when days are shorter, plants don’t get much sun, it’s more humid, the sun rises a little later and sets a little earlier every day, so it is in the lower area where most mould-related problems begin.

Good ventilation of this area is essential to keep it under control.

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The lower area of these marijuana plants is clean

When growing indoors, plant training is used in SCROG systems. In these type of crops, very few plants are used to fill a well-sized growing area. We usually grow long flowering Sativa varieties. For these crops, and always depending on the strain, you should fill the space up to 70% of its capacity. When the flowering period starts, the remaining space will be taken up before the plant begins with the actual flowering.

Stretching marijuana plants

Apical pruning is also a very common technique used outdoors, helping the tips of your plant to multiply and thus getting lots of “tails” per plant.

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Apical pruning of Easy Haze / K-13 Haze from Philosopher Seeds

When you open the plant’s structure - tying the branch downwards to a weight or to the container - sunlight reaches the buds of the inner branches, so your marijuana plants are much more stretched. If you do this with the main tip, you will have the height under control while enhancing side branching.

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Stretching marijuana plants down

If you want to keep the height under control in any type of crop, you should leave enough room for the plant to grow unnoticed until the end of the bloom period.

When producing flowers, the plant continues to grow a bit, so you should always have enough space for the plant to flower while not growing too much, as you don’t want the plants to be seen at any stage of the plant, especially when developing buds.

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Cannabis crop with its height under control

Cleaning our marijuana crop

Finally, and perhaps the most important factor for a successful harvest, is tidiness and cleaning. Many marijuana crops are exposed or suitable to be detected due to pruning remains, roots and, particularly, leaves; always be clean and tidy on a daily basis and you'll be rewarded with crops free of mould or pest issues.

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Clean marijuana crop

Philosopher Seeds
Pruning remains and dead cannabis leaves

We hope that you enjoyed reading this post and that it helps you improve your crop.

Discretion is essential for your success in growing marijuana!

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