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Cannabis and sports

Find out the facts about how sports people from all over the world are using cannabis to help them recover much quicker than they would without the plant. The evidence is mounting that the cannabis plant is extremely useful to athletes and sportsmen and women and is being used by many as a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Flushing roots at the end of flowering

Among the tasks that we perform in a cannabis grow, the flushing of the roots at the end of flowering is vital to a tasty harvest of buds. Cleaning the substrate via this simple operation dissolves and eliminates any fertiliser residue in the form of mineral salts, which spoil the flavour and reduce the quality of the buds. To avoid this, root flushing should be carried out.

Growing Cannabis outdoors in Polyculture

Outdoor cultivation gives us the opportunity to add other vegetables to our cannabis garden and there are many reasons to integrate cannabis in a polyculture. Combining cannabis cultivation with other herbs and vegetables offers important benefits to the crop, such as pest and disease control, improved fertilisation, yield and final quality of the harvest, and even camouflaging our cannabis plants.

The benefits of cannabis for treating Fibromyalgia

Did you know that cannabis is currently used by patients throughout the world to treat their fibromyalgia? Discover how medicine from the cannabis plant can be a much needed treatment for the symptoms of fibromyalgia, in many cases more effective than pharmaceutical options. Check out the latest research and references over at Philosopher Seeds

Planning an outdoor cannabis grow

Properly planning ahead for an outdoor cannabis grow will help us to anticipate any needs and demands that may occur over the course of cultivation. Being familiar with the conditions of the cultivation space and the means at our disposal will help us to optimise resources. Good planning will increase the chances of success in our outdoor cannabis garden.

Soil microbes and cannabis cultivation

The beneficial microbial life in the soil, mainly fungi and bacteria, has a direct impact on the proper development of a cannabis crop. It contributes directly to the assimilation of nutrients by the plants and to the protection against pathogens that can attack the plants root system, and at the same time contributing to improving the soil structure of the grow.

Pure or landrace cannabis seeds

Pure varieties or landrace are the origin of modern cannabis hybrids. After centuries of adaptation to the areas of which they are native, from the 70’s they were crossed among themselves, resulting in the first generation of hybrids, a series of genetics that would eventually lay the foundations for the modern breeding of cannabis. In this article we focus on the genetic treasure that these pure varieties represent.

The 7 most common errors drying cannabis

Drying cannabis flowers is a crucial process if we want a product of the highest quality, maximising their organoleptic and psychoactive qualities. In this article we review some of the most common mistakes made when drying cannabis, to help you get the best possible results when drying!

5 common mistakes when germinating cannabis seeds

Without a doubt, germination is one of the most important stages in cannabis cultivation. In this article we will take a look at some of the most common mistakes when germinating seeds and we offer some simple tips to avoid problems during this crucial process, advice that is sure to save you money, time and headaches.

Cannabinoid and terpene test of Lemon OG Candy

The exact amount of each cannabinoid and terpene present in cannabis is one of the most demanded information nowadays. Users are increasingly interested in the composition of the strains they grow, that's why we present a series of tests on our varieties, which we begin here with one of our top sellers, Lemon OG Candy.

Origins of cannabis concentrates

While the origins of cannabis concentrates remain unclear, they've been used by humanity for more than 1.000 years. The evolution of resin extracts continued until today, when we have tens of different concentrates. In this article we'll explain the origins and evolution of cannabis extracts, one of the most popular cannabis derivatives around the world.

Pest prevention and management for cannabis plants

Pest prevention is crucial to get abundant harvests of top quality buds free from insects and/or moulds. By just taking a few easy steps, your plants will end their cycle and be ready to harvest in perfect conditions. In this article we tell you more about pest prevention and we present you some of the most widely used products to treat insect and fungal infections.

Macro nutrients and cannabis

Cannabis plants need to be properly fed in order to show their full potential. Thus, a large number of macro and micro nutrients are needed for proper development. In this article we tell you more about the main elements necessary for a balanced nutrition plan for your plants, usually called macro nutrients. You'll also see how to correctly identify and treat a deficiency or excess of any of these elements.

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