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History of White Yoda Auto

White Russian marijuana has always been considered one of the most potent cannabis strains worldwide, being one of the first varieties that reached 22% THC. For this reason, we took the challenge of creating an autoflowering version of this cannabis legend, keeping its organoleptic properties, as well as its production, potency and fast flowering. This is its history.

Growing autoflowering strains from Philosopher Seeds

In this new post we present a hydroponics growing report of the autoflowering strains of our Auto Line. You will see the development of the crop until the end of flowering, with detailed information on each variety. We also present an easy and simple growing system, with which you can obtain first-class cannabis buds.

History of Fraggle Skunk Auto marijuana

The world of marijuana hybrids dates back to the late 60's, when the famous Skunk strain was developed. Today, only a few cannabis strains don't have Skunk genes in them. From an elite clone of Super Skunk from Sensi Seeds, Philosopher Seeds has developed a new XXL autoflowering marijuana strain, Fraggle Skunk Auto.

Interview with Dr. García de Palau from THC Terapéutico

Medicinal marihuana is taking an important role for every cannabis users. The advances in this field and the therapeutical possibilities that they offer are increasing day by day. We are very happy to collaborate with Dr. Mariano Garía de Palau and his blog THC Terapéutico, offering information on the possible medicinal applications of this plant and also on the prevention of risks related to this substance.

Philospher Seeds at the 2014 Indica/Sativa Trade

The Italian fair Indica/ Sativa Trade is probably the most important cannabis event in this country. Our team had to be present in this fair, where the attendants claimed for a change on cannabis laws, for both growing and possession. The number of activists, growers and users is increasing day by day. The green tide is coming...

Growing Fruity Jack marijuana

We want to share with you this growing report of our Fruity Jack marijuana strain, where you will be able to see the evolution of the crop, from its growing and flowering stages to harvest. We also offer you a complete smoking report of this interesting strain regarding its appearance, smell, taste and psychoactivity. Doubtless, a great choice to start a promising cannabis crop.

The history of Cheesy Auto marijuana strain

Cheese marijuana is worldwide renowned because of its intense and distinguishing "strong cheese" scent, cherished by growers from around the world. Philosopher seeds wants to offer our own autoflowering version of this classic cannabis strain, created from the original "Exodus" U.K. Cheese elite clone, from the United Kingdom.

History of the marijuana strain Orange Candy / Naranchup

The marijuana strain Orange Candy / Naranchup, from Philosopher Seeds, is a mostly indica plant with robust growth that produces high yields indoors, altough it has also been adapted to outdoor crops. Philosopher's team has hardly worked to create this hybrid with the intention to offer a cannabis strain with very special organoleptic qualities, and easy to grow. Without doubt, a very good choice for the cannabis community.

Origins of autoflowering seeds by Philosopher Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are gaining acceptance every day in the marijuana scene. Our team has hardly worked in developing a new line of cannabis autoflowering seeds. In this post, we will discuss the origins of these seeds, how they have been created and which are their growing possibilities. Enjoy this new post.

Philosopher Seeds Merchandising

Enjoy the new merchandising items of our seed bank for the 2014 season. You can find the new eco-grinders, the new line of t-shirts for boys and girls, and to complete our line of products we offer posters of our most recognized marijuana varieties.

Philosopher Seeds at 2014 Spannabis

Spannabis is the most relevant Fair of the international cannabis sector. A large number of brands and manufacturers showed their new products. Moreover, several cannabis events and competitions took place throughout the weekend in Barcelona. A great time to enjoy the good vibes and meet lots of people.

Choosing marijuana seeds with Philosopher Seeds

In our first article on choosing marijuana seeds we will discuss about the differences between Indica and Sativa strains, so we can choose the one that best suits our needs. We will also explain the main difference between regular, feminized and autoflowering cannabis varieties, each of them suitable for particular enviroments and conditions. Enjoy this interesting article of Philosopher Seeds' team.

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